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Fine Art Print of 'Squishee the Alleycat' mural in Palmeston North.

Excited to finally share this print of Squishee's mural, Its been in the woodworks all year but it never quite felt finished. After her recent passing however, we had her paw print inked before her cremation, and thought it would be a nice tribute to include on the print. Its not just a mural anymore, but a dedication to the life and love of a little stray cat that changed my life.

10% of every sale goes to Manawatu Alley Cats Trust

Editing: In real life the tail wraps around the side of the building, but for the sake the print I flattened it out to bring it all in to one view.

Every print is signed and stamped, and available in either A4, A3+ and now in A2!
A4/A3+ sizes printed on premium 340g/m2 archival cotton fibre fine art paper (Epson - Cold Press Natural)
A2 size printed on 270g/m2 archival cotton fibre Velvet fine art paper (Epson - Velvet Textured)

Read Squishee's Story here.


'Squishee the Alleycat'

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