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NZDA Mural

Palmerston North, NZ

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NZDA Mural
251 College Street, West End, Palmerston North 4412, New Zealand



Easily viewable from street

NZ Deer Stalkers Hall Mural

Had a great challenge with this project, collaborating with the NZDA Manawatu to create an immersive mural showcasing their conservation efforts in the majestic NZ bush. Not just managing Deer populations, but also trapping introduced pests such as stoats and rats who threaten our native birds. They're at the forefront of trapping Whio/Blue Duck predators in Oroua Valley.

Their hall is actually just down the road from where I went to high school at Awatapu College, so we thought it would be a great opportunity get some art students involved and teach them how to do the notorious scribble-grid technique! It was alot of fun thanks team!

Big thanks to George Agius for bridging the gap so we could make this happen! Thanks to the Palmy council for supporting this local endeavor. Thanks to Judith Lacy for the great article she wrote. Thanks to Ricky for the scaffolding! And most importantly thanks to Bryce Pratt (NZDA) for organizing this entire project from cool little idea to a fully manifested mural!

Located at 251 College Street, West End, P.N. (Publicly viewable).

#whio #blueduck #Deer #mural #redstag #streetart #manawatustreetart

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