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Kevin the School Cat

Palmerston North, NZ

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Exact Location
Kevin the School Cat
41 Parkland Crescent, Terrace End, Palmerston North 4410



Located on Parkland School grounds

Kevin the School Cat & surrounding Murals

Murals painted at Parkland School, featuring Kevin the stray who became the beloved school Cat.

Most days when I turned up to paint, Kevin would be patiently waiting for the library to open to get to his favorite sleeping spot inside. Then as it cooled down in the afternoon he'd jump up on the cleaners trolley and catch a ride round the school grounds. He has a very unique right eye that I wanted to showcase in this portrait, from the original green colour it breaks in to a rustic red/brown/orange and gold colourscheme which I've echoed through the background colours in the books and grasses surrounding him. The fern sprouting from the book titled 'Parkland' symbolizes the young minds sprouting from the knowledge of Parkland school.

The othersides of the Mural feature a Huhu Beetle, Tui, and honey bee.

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