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Hangar the Airport Cat

Whanganui, NZ

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Exact Location
Hangar the Airport Cat
75 Street Hill Street, Whanganui 4500, New Zealand



Opposite Royal Whanganui Opera House

Hangar’s Home

The story of a Whanganui stray Cat, Hangar, who found his home at the local Airport hangar. He was most likely abandoned near the coast and followed the noise of planes and people to the runway in late 2019. Although very timid at first, he quickly befriended not only the staff and Pilots but also their resident Cat, Sherman, who was already notorious for sneaking on planes. After showing him the ropes, Sherman has since moved up to Tauranga leaving the entire kingdom in Hangar’s furry paws… and he’s loving it! On any given day you can catch him hanging in the hangar, sleeping on the plane wings or the warm engine hoods after they’ve been freshly flown. But it’s not all naps and pats he’s got a real job too, taking care of the mice, rats and rodents from causing any damage, and keeping the nesting birds out of the hangar. Not even the noise phases him now, “He’s not afraid of anything or anyone…You can start an aircraft up right next to him when he’s sleeping on the taxiway and he doesn’t flinch”, Flight instructor Leroy Johnson said. “He also wanders down the apron and tries to get into the Air Chathams Saab while it’s on layover, and wanders down to the terminal to greet the passengers.”

Painted in 'Whanganui Walls' 2021 Street Art Festival. Many thanks to Shanti and Si, for helping me share this story and supporting the vision from concept to creation. #straystories #CATGANG #swiftmantis #cat #mural #streetart #hangarshome #hangar #whanganui #wanganui #whanganuiwalls #adoptdontshop #alleycat #catsofFB

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