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Horace's Spice Shelf

Invercargill, NZ

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Exact Location
Horace's Spice Shelf
100 Esk Street, Invercargill 9810



Easily viewable from the road or carpark.

Horace's Spice Shelf

Winner of the People's Choice award for South Sea Spray 2022

Horace was a stray cat who found his home in Invercargill. Rescued from the streets of Blenheim, he moved briefly up to Auckland, then all the way down to the deep south. He has a corneal graft in one eye from a previous cat fight, and a mysterious Tattoo in his ear that reads 'C3'. His human-mum manages the Southland Education building where this mural sits, which is also the historic location of Strang's Coffee & Spice Works. David Strang, from Invercargill, was the first to invent instant/soluble coffee in 1889 and patent the "Dry Hot-Air" process under patent number 3518 in 1890.

The spice shelf gave us the opportunity to highlight and pay homage to Strang's achievements, while also sharing a local stray story on top...literally! For me this mural represents Kiwi ingenuity & southern hospitality at its finest!

Painted as part of South Sea Spray 2022

Lettering and tin details done: Sean Duffell

Assistance by: Molly Strang

Stray Stories #6

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